At Moss Research we build surf-crafts the eco-friendly way. Our mission is to minimize environmental
impact by innovating and implementing the most sustainable manufacturing practices possible. Support
healthy environments and take your surfing to a new level of performance and sustainability!


Super Sap Resin

The Resin

Our bio-epoxy resin gets its unique flex characteristics from a special polymer found in pine sap. The elongation properties are many times greater than those found in petroleum, creating a far more resilient and flexible surfboard.

Recycled Foam

The Blanks

Our recycled EPS foam blanks have a water absorption rate of 1% after submersed for 24 hours. This means your board won’t be sucking… literally! The fused cellular structure is a precision building component with greater “memory,” to spring-back out of maneuvers.

Flex and Strength

Flex and Strength

Our eco-flex materials work together with hull design in creating unique performance characteristics without the negative impacts of polyester, polyurethane or standard epoxy construction. The resulting surfboard reaches an equilibrium of performance, strength and sustainability.